Men, Women and Greeters Ministry


The Evergreen Baptist Church Men’s Ministry Group is an infant organization (established in 2015); however, it is made up of God fearing men whose mission is to reach out to all, especially young men, and share the Word of God. The Evergreen Baptist Church Men’s Ministry Group have hosted and sponsored events such as a Prayer Breakfast, cleanup and beautification projects, cookouts and crawfish boils, all of which were accompanied by the teaching of the Word of God. Mentoring and other help projects are in the plans for the near future that will help further our mission of sharing the Word of God with our young men and all of those that we encounter.


The Women’s Ministry of Evergreen Baptist Church mission:
“To elevate and empower all Christians who will glorify Christ in all areas of their lives.”

The Women’s Ministry, under the leadership of First Lady Gaynell Albert, works on committees and projects established by Pastor Albert, that will carry out the visions and missions of the church. They unite the women of Evergreen to do God’s will. They meet once a month to plan events and share in the goodness of the Lord and they love to fellowship whether it is a night out at the movies or eating at a restaurant. The group sponsors a Women’s Ministry Retreat annually that is open to all women of Evergreen and other Christian women. They also sponsor events during Breast Cancer Month, help plan the Church’s annual picnic and the Sunday School Back to School Bash, just to name a few. They bond together in love to please God.


Feeling welcome is of the utmost importance to the Evergreen Baptist Church family. The Greeters say “thank you” for being in the midst of worship and extends an invitation to come back.