Christian Education Training and Midweek Teaching



Teaching the Word of God is the basis of Christian Growth. We believe in delivering sound doctrine in a manner that will resonate in the minds of our members producing good fruit that will remain. We have classes ranging from Kindergarten to Adults that share the word of God on a level that everyone can understand. Our teachers spend time preparing lessons that touch the hearts of our congregation and that yield growth that makes us a better people in Christ.


Midweek Teaching is incorporated into Midweek Worship and is synonymous with adult bible teaching. The teaching of the Word during Midweek is focused on Discipleship, General Christian Education, New and Old Testament Doctrines, and Home and Family Religion to name a few. The objective of Midweek Teaching is to prepare the Saints of God to face life as bold soldiers of Jesus Christ and to help them to let their little lights shine such that men see their good works and glorify our Heaven Father who is in heaven.