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Evergreen Baptist Church is advertising for an organist to play for their 11:00am Sunday Worship Service.  Interested persons should contact Pastor Nolan Albert at (225) 454-4483 or send an email, with your contact information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Evergreen Baptist Church Annual Women's Retreat is scheduled for Friday, May 29, 2020 - Saturday, May 30, 2020, at the Wesley Center in Woodworth, LA.  



EBC Women's Brunch


The first annual EBC Women's Brunch, hosted by First Lady Gaynell Albert and Sister Janice Singleton, was a tremendous success.  The women of Evergreen Baptist Church enjoyed a wonderful time of fellowship in the Lord.


EBC 2019 Vacation Bible School 

Evergreen Baptist Church's 2019 Vacation Bible School, which was held July 17-19, 2019, was a big success.  This year's theme was entitled "World Changers" and focused on ways Christians can change the world to a state of divine blessedness and salvation.


Pastor Albert's 2019 Pastoral Anniversary
Pastor Nolan W. Albert and First Lady Gaynell Albert
Pastor Albert's 2019 Pastoral Anniversary

Sunday, April 28, 2019, the Evergreen Baptist Church Family celebrated Pastor Nolan W. Albert's 34rd year Pastoral Anniversary!


1st row – Left to Right:  Lauryn Albert, Kyn’Lee Williams

Back Row – L to R:  JaVeonte’ Johnson, Zahyra Hayes, Jela Weston, Mrs. Danielle Joseph, Director

Evergreen Baptist Church Anointed Divine Dance Team

The Evergreen Baptist Church Anointed Divine Dance Team is a spiritual dance team sponsored by the Evergreen Baptist Church of Paulina, LA.  Pastor Nolan W. Albert is the church’s Pastor.  The dance team is comprised of young, Evergreen Baptist Church members, who are between the ages of four and eighteen.  Sister Danielle Taylor-Joseph volunteers as director of the dance team and choreographs, and teaches the dances.  Sister Joseph has an extensive background in dance which began when she was five years old.  She has danced professionally as a Honey Bee for the Hornets’ NBA basketball team, and has danced abroad.  She is also the proprietor of Danielle’s Dance Academy located in Gramercy, LA.  “I truly enjoy working with the youth in our church,” says Sister Joseph, “to see them connect with the spirit, and worship the Lord through dance is amazing and melts my heart.  At rehearsals they volunteer to lead the prayer, build friendships, learn choreography and create a special bond, all while giving God the glory.  I’m honored to be the director and I greatly appreciate my Pastor for the opportunity.”

Pastor Albert and the entire Evergreen Baptist Church family are very proud of the Anointed Divine Dance Team.  The purpose of the team is to praise, worship and glorify God through dance.  The team dances regularly at Evergreen Baptist Church.  Any church wishing to engage the Evergreen Baptist Church Anointed Divine Dance Team should contact Sister Danielle Taylor-Joseph at (225) 869-9508.


Pastor's Pen....

"The key to your victory is trusting God for EVERTHING! Whatever it is, bring it to Jesus and leave it there."

Pastor Albert