Deacons, Deaconess and Ushers


(Pictured Left to Right)
Deacon James Kirklin Jr., Deacon Conrad Simon, Pastor Nolan W. Albert, Deacon Ronnie Kirklin, Minister Milton Singleton

Deacons are the caregivers for God’s people thus making the deacons the hearts and hands of the church. They handle all the affairs of the church allowing the pastor to minister the word of God to the congregation. Being a deacon is a wonderful calling to serve the people of God and His Church. We proudly serve!



Sister Estilita Johnson, Sister Georgia Mae Johnson

The Deaconess serve the pastor and church in preparation of the table for the Lord’s Supper.  They properly seat new converts, and assists these converts with taking their First Communion. It is the Deaconess responsibility to serve as mentors for the younger ladies of the church by giving them advice and instructions concerning attire, and Christian behavior, etc. The Deaconess are also responsible for making sure all church linens and uniforms are clean and ready to wear.



The Evergreen Baptist Church ushers make every effort to ensure people arriving for church services are greeted with Christian hospitality. The ushers distribute programs, assist with collecting offerings, and other tasks required to ensure church services proceed in an atmosphere of true worship with minimal distractions. The hearts of our ushers are filled with love, and “whatsoever they do, they do heartily, as to the Lord…” Colossians 3:23